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Product Take-Back and end of life processing requirements (, and

Ace Computers (Ace) offers a nationwide take-back service for proper end-of-life management of EPEAT-registered and Non-EPEAT registered products via Ace’s authorized recycling contractor, MRK Group, an R2 Certified Electronics Recycler and member of the Illinois Recyclers Coalition.

Ace offers a take-back program for all the following programs managed by either Ace or an Ace- authorized agent.

Management of leased products where either Ace or Ace’s authorized agent retains legal ownership.

Trade-in/Exchange programs where the customer surrenders the product to Ace (or their authorized agent) in return for compensation or replacement product.

Product service and/or limited warranty programs, operated by the either Ace or a contractual agent, where a product (or similar product) is returned to a customer.

Commercial E-Waste Take-back Program (Institutional Products)

Customers with products and components that have reached end-of life (e-waste) are encouraged to recycle locally through an R2-certified electronics recycler. However, whenever local recycling via a R2 certified electronics recycler is not feasible, customers may utilize Ace’s Commercial E-Waste Take-back Program at zero charge to the customer.

Via this program, all EPEAT and non-EPEAT registered Ace-branded products, including residual equipment and components derived from those products[1], may be recycled via MRK’s R2 certified recycling facility and batteries are done through call2recycle.org (Formerly RBRC).

To utilize this program, customers, including dealers, may send shipments of end-of-life products to the following address:

Ace Computers Commercial E-Waste Take-Back Program
c/o MRK Group LTD
801 North State St. Unit C
Elgin, IL 60123

While shipping arrangements and expenses are the customer’s responsibility, Ace will assume the responsibility and cost for processing upon arrival to the MRK R2 certified recycling facility. See instructions on next page for battery recycling.

[1] Residual equipment and components derived from those products includes scrap, materials as well as imaging equipment products that are un-repairable, or offer no reuse value, or market value.

MRK Group is an IT asset disposition and electronics recycling company that is R2:2013 Certified as well as ISO 14000:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 Registered and is a member of both the Illinois and Indiana Recycling Coalition and works closely with the requirements of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and is compliant with all federal, state county and municipal regulations including the US EPA’s Plug-In to eCycling guidelines for materials management as referenced in IEEE 1680 criterion

MRK is a No-Landfill recycler. MRK knows that approximately 70% of the heavy metals (including lead, mercury and cadmium) found in landfills come from electronics. These heavy metals can contaminate groundwater and pose other environmental and other public health risks, not to mention PR nightmares for companies who let their equipment be processed irresponsibly. Many other materials used in computers such as metals, glass and plastics can be recovered and used again to conserve natural resources. With the advances in processing techniques and development of recycling markets, there is never a need to send electronics to a landfill. Additional information can be found on MRK’s website at www.mrkgroupltd.com

MRK Group Ltd refurbishes computers that are less than 3 years old for remarketing. Hard Drives are completely wiped prior to any sale in conformance with DOD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88 guidelines. Older models and non-working equipment are disassembled for recycling and resold as parts.

Printed circuits are evaluated for integrated circuit recovery and sent to smelters for precious metal recovery. LCD’s are prepped if conditions are favorable. CRT’s are stripped of all metals and plastics. Glass tubes are shipped to either glass mills or lead smelters. Plastics are sorted where possible and recycled.

Commercial E-Waste Take-back Program (Batteries)

Ace Computers works with call(2)recycle to recycle batteries of all types. In accordance with their 2017 initiative, Ace Computers is a Collection site for dry-cell rechargeable batteries of various types. We can collect sealed dry-cell batteries up to 11 pounds each of the following types AT NO COST for any quantity:

All that is needed to do is bring these batteries to the Ace service counter or ship them to us and they will be disposed of in a responsible manner through call(2)recycle’s processing facilities. If the client prefers, you can also work directly through call(2)recycle’s facilities and recycle all batteries (including lead-acid and alkaline/disposable type batteries). You can contact them at 1-877-723-1297 or at www.call2recycle.org. They offer collection of all types of batteries as a free service to save our countries landfills and allow these materials to be safely recycled and used again!

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